The Morris Family…Abounding with Love!

Morris FamilypinthisThis is such a very special family!  I normally keep my blogs short and sweet but not tonight!  I was so excited when Mom Alexia contacted me about doing their pictures!  It turns out I already knew a little about the Morris Family through Alexia’s best friend, Julia Anne.  Back in September, Julia Anne told me that the Morris Family welcomed beautiful baby Carsyn into the world while Carysn’s dad, Ryan, was serving in Afganistan.  Ryan and Alexia were unaware that Carsyn had Down Syndrome and a heart defect until after she was born.  I wanted to share what Ryan had written on his Facebook page while thousands of miles away from his brand new baby girl and his wife …..

“16 September, my baby girl was born, Carsyn Kenzlee Morris. As soon as she came out the doctors told Alexia and I that they were 90% sure that she has Down Syndrome. We also found out that she is going to have to have open heart surgery, because she has 3 little holes in her heart, which is very common in babies that have Down Syndrome. Now, being in Afghanistan, this was my worst nightmare, and t… he hardest thing I have ever done or heard. Being away from Alexia and Carsyn at this time was not and is not easy. It has been very hard on me and Alexia and has been extremely difficult for me because I cannot be there for my wife, who is doing this without me. But my Dad made it very clear that I was going about the situation all wrong. I shouldn’t be sad because she has this condition, I should be proud of my little girl and how strong she is and the life that Alexia and I are about to embark. He reminded me that there is one person that is going to get me through all of this. Our Lord Jesus Christ. Through Him, all things are possible and I know he gave us Carsyn for a very distinct reason. He has a purpose for our little girl, and it’s a blessing to know that he trust Alexia and I to raise such a wonderful little girl. I’m here to say that Carsyn is the biggest blessing and biggest gift God could ever give Alexia and me. We are not sad, mad, or angry that she is not completely healthy, or a “normal baby.” She isn’t normal at all; she is perfect in all ways. We rejoice that we have a beautiful baby girl, that we can raise together, and show her God’s glory. Down Syndrome isn’t a horrible thing, it is a gift, and a gift that Alexia and I are about to embrace, together, as a family. Please don’t feel bad for us or sad because this is by no means something that happened by accident. God has his plan for our family and I cannot wait to see how it unfolds in the future. I do ask one thing from anyone who believes in our Lord, and that is pray for us. Pray that Alexia and I can raise this beautiful little girl to the best of our ability. Pray that Carsyn will learn to know Jesus and live the most amazing life, that a little girl can live. Mark 5:19, “Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has mercy on you.” Mark 11:24, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Thank you!”

I hope Ryan and Alexia don’t mind me sharing such a personal part of their story but I was so touched when I read what he wrote.  I was so blessed reading this and touched by Ryan’s humble and prayerful attitude….what an amazing testimony!  Now Carsyn is 6 months old the occasion for these pictures was a very special one!  Ryan and Alexia just moved to Colorado all the way from North Carolina and during their move they stopped here in Georgia to visit with all of their family.  For some of their family members, it was the first time meeting Carsyn.  I was lucky enough to be capture some the visiting with my camera and also get some shots of Ryan and Alexia with baby Carsyn.  As soon as I met everybody I felt at home and could feel the love!  And let me tell you that little girl had everybody there wrapped around her finger!!  What is amazing is that in these pictures Carsyn is still healing from her open heart surgery that she had 3 weeks prior to the visit!  The Morris family has now completed their move to Colorado and Baby Carysn is continuing to do well.  My prayers are with Ryan, Alexia, and Carsyn out in Colorado away from the rest of their family!  Thank you so much for the sacrifice your family has made and is making to serve our country!!  I hope that none of us ever take for granted what our military families do everyday for our country.

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